Saturday 3 September 2016, marked the day of our first Ashoka Netherlands Innovation Day on Education. For us, it was a wonderful, inspiring, energizing day, and we do hope it was as incredible an experience for you as it was for us!

We are very thankful to have partnered up with Dyade in organizing the event, and to have had Thieu Besselink from the Learning Lab as our brilliant host for the day. Our inspiring speakers, Mary Gordon and Martine Delfos, thank you for sharing work and your vision with us.

“We have the chance in public education to increase the capacity to love.” – Mary Gordon

The biggest thank you goes to our amazing participants! Our participants filled the agenda for the day and organized wonderful break-out and co-creation sessions on a wide array of relevant topics. Each one serving as the very energy in the room.
Our Ashoka Fellows Emer Beamer, Ingrid de Jonghe and Mary Gordon had the opportunity to share their work and explore new options in the forms of micro-designathons and discussions. Co-creation sessions formed around the topics of technology in education, teacher leadership, starting your own school, the rules of changemaking in education, and cooperative and experiential learning. Tom Oden from Changemaker School UWC Maastricht teamed up with Ashoka Fellow Bart Weetjens to host two break-outs on wellbeing, and how to organize sustainable and healthy structures in education. We felt the energy in the room when Jan Fasen stepped up and asked others to join him in exploring how we can make this a movement, a co-creation session on drafting action from promise was proposed, and when Ilja Klink put forward the request for others to share their action points with her.

Together we walked onto the green grounds of Antropia each with our own concerns, efforts, work, and passion, but we found kindred spirits there. We came together around the same purpose: to empower the child to make the world a better place. To equip every child to be a changemaker.

“How can we make more of this? We need to connect what we are talking about. What we are thinking. And what we are doing! We need to build a shared movement!” – Jan Fasen

It would be an unforgivable waste not to consolidate and intensify the energy that we felt on 3 September. We can use it to change the education system in the Netherlands (and beyond).

Ashoka Netherlands is eager to take the lead in organizing this movement and build on the incredible sense of purpose that we felt last Saturday. We can be the starting point, the beginning of the amazing story that we will write together. Because when you pay attention to the beginning of the story, you change the whole story.

But we can not do this alone. We want to help you grow your individual impact, while strengthening our common goals. Stay in touch, with each other and with us. Keep us updated on your work, nominate a changemaker school, and point us to the newest social innovators in education. We will do what we can to help you connect, and grow this movement.

Together, we can empower the child to create a better world and build a society where everyone is a changemaker!