Nederlandse Ashoka Fellows

DENNIS KARPES, Naga Foundation

Ashoka Fellow, elected 2009

Dennis was elected into the Ashoka Fellowship for his work with Dance4Life — harnessing the energy and entrepreneurship of hundreds of thousands of young people around the world, inspiring them to take action in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and more broadly, for social change. At present, Dennis is focused on working towards a green revolution with his work with Naga Foundation. When Dennis came to know about land degradation and its solution in 2010, he committed himself wholeheartedly to restore the ecosystem and kick-start mother nature using simple but innovative water-harvesting and soil conservation techniques. Know more about Dennis.


LUCAS SIMONS, ScopeInsight

Ashoka Fellow, elected 2013

By creating a tool for rating and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of medium-sized agricultural producer groups, Lucas Simons is able to form a common language and standard of information enabling previously disparate stakeholders to communicate and increasing access to financial products for the agricultural sector. Through Scopeinsight, Lucas provides direct and tangible information to farmers, pinpointing their strengths and identifying areas for improvement. Know more about Lucas.


NOA LODEIZEN, Young in Prison (YiP)

Ashoka Fellow, elected 2015

Current juvenile justice systems around the world are failing, both for youth themselves as for society. Asserting that the current system of imprisoning youths is more destructive than rehabilitative, Noa works to ensure that youths in conflict with the law get a real chance at reintegrating into society by tapping into their creativity. Next to offering an alternative solution, Noa also seeks to start the international conversation about juvenile reform – from imprisoning youths to engaging youths in alternative soutions that reform the juvenile justice systems around the world.


JOS DE BLOK, Buurtzorg

Ashoka Fellow, elected 2015

Dissatisfied with the delivery of health care by traditional home-care organizations in the Netherlands, Jos decided to create a new model anchored on the self-management capacity of nursing professionals, ultimately resulting to a more responsive, patient-centric system giving better quality care. In the long run, the model enables the patient to maintain independence from costly institutionalized care. Know more about Jos.

Joost van Engen, Healthy Entrepreneurs

Newly Elected Ashoka Fellow, 2016

By innovating a truly sustainable supply chain including the last-mile, one that is independent of national healthcare systems, Joost van Engen is creating sustainable access to essential medicines, hygiene products and supplements for low income families in remote areas. This is done together with providing health education and some health consultation, thereby contributing to the improved quality of the day-to-day lives of families, specifically for those in remote areas in low and middle income countries.


Emer Beamer, Designathon Works

Newly Elected Ashoka Fellow, 2016

With her Designathon Works learning method grounded on design thinking, the child is understood as a complete human being endowed with great creative capacity. Through this method, Emer Beamer enables teachers to tap into the natural space of play within a child and among children, to stimulate their interest and engagement in social issues, and from there, challenge them to design solutions for these issues aided by the use of modern technology.


Bas van Abel, Fairphone

Newly Elected Ashoka Fellow, 2016

By designing and producing a smartphone, Bas van Abel is showing how to innovate industry fairness & sustainability standards, influence consumer behaviour, raise awareness, save natural resources, and improve the lives of many workers in the whole supply/production chain  —  fueling change instead of conflict, all over the world.